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Who Are we?

We are Worktrainer Software Solutions

Our expertise is in providing simple software tools for logging, tracking and reporting on daily business actions related to inspections, OSHA, checklists, meetings, incidents, complaints, waste management, KPIs, digital forms, and just about anything that requires tracking and reporting. 

Online Software that works

After 11 years of growth, we are now installed in over 8,400 branch and store locations throughout South Africa and the African continent.


Now we are bringing our products to the USA!

meetinglogger.com  in January 2020

meetinglogger.com  in April 2020


January, 2006

Worktrainer Begins

Worktrainer Compliance Solutions is formed and begins development of an online software as a service (Saas) product to meet the needs of the stringent Occupational Health And Safety Act (OHASA) of the South African Department of Labour.  

The software development team is headquartered in the midwest USA, while the sales and marketing team is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

March, 2006

Worktrainer OHS is launched

Worktrainer software is launched to meet the needs of companies seeking an online Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) solution.  Users can design their own checklists that cater to their safety inspections and audits.  Features include:

  • Inspection Checklists
  • Incident Tracking
  • Meeting Minutes Manager
  • Enterprise Reporting

By the end of the year Worktrainer software is being used by 3 major companies and over 400 of their branches.

February, 2008

Complaint Logging, Equipment Checklists added

The software is gaining a foothold.  Additional features are added:

  • Complaint Tracking
  • Equipment Checklists
  • Test Your Knowledge (TYK) Checklists

By the end of the year Worktrainer software is being used by 5 major companies and over 2,100 of their branches.

April, 2010

Site Audit Manager is launched

A comprehensive Site Audit Manager is launched, complete with custom pdf document and image output and the ability to embed weighted assessment factors to score and rate the quality of onsite inspection audits.

Worktrainer is now in place at 9 major companies across 3,600 locations.

February, 2012

Customer Experience Surveys are now a feature

A large client asks Worktrainer to develop a "Customer Experience" solution using our customizable checklists and flexible reporting, which is rapidly deployed and embraced.

By end of the year, Worktrainer is in use at 13 major companies and across 5,700 locations

June, 2013

Document Tracking plus more...

Worktrainer releases several new features, including:

  • Branch Profiles
  • Action Items Manager
  • Document Library
  • Document Tracking
  • Expiration Notifications

Worktrainer is now in use at 15 major companies and across 6,100 locations.

January, 2015

More Profiles and Tracking...

Several new features are added, including:

  • Employee Training/Certification Profiles
  • Policy Acknowledgment Tracking
  • Property Management Audits

By year's end Worktrainer is the product of choice for 20 major companies across 7,000 locations.

July, 2016

Waste Management Tracking is added

Worktrainer releases a waste tracking and reporting module for a major shipping company. Features released include:

  • Waste Management Tracking
  • Employee Assessments
  • Digital Forms Manager

Worktrainer closes the year with 29 major clients and over 7,800 locations.

January, 2018

Enhancements and a Modular strategy

Worktrainer adds several product enhancements to existing features and begins work on a modular approach that will allow clients to selectively implement features around a core hub that manages action items.  

By end of year Worktrainer software is being used by 38 major companies (including 8 of the TOP-50 corporations in South Africa) and over 8,400 locations.

January, 2020

MeetingLogger.com launches in the USA

Combining meeting minutes and action item management into a single, customized module, and leveraging off 11 years of Worktrainer experience that has generated over 44,000 meeting minutes for our clients, MeetingLogger.com brings a new, efficient approach to managing meeting minutes for small, medium and enterprise business operations, including corporate and non-profit boardrooms. Product launch is in the USA and slated for mid-January 2020.

April, 2020

ActionLogger.com to launch in the USA

ActionLogger is a modular version of Worktrainer that will be launched in the USA and then globally in 2020.  ActionLogger is the central hub for managing all actions in the workplace. Leveraging off 11 years of industry experience with Worktrainer software and clients, ActionLogger links 16 Worktrainer modules into one efficient central hub for not only OHS actions, but ANY actions logged and tracked across the business enterprise. Actions from multiple sources can be managed and mapped into Action Logger, including:

Inspections, Site Audits, Checklists, Incidents (including OSHA 300 Incidents), Complaints, Site Profiles, Document Library, Document Expirations, Waste Management, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Product Recalls, Digital Forms, and more.

Some Major Clients

Shoprite Supermarkets

1,921 locations
Since 2008

Grindrod Freight Services

60 locations
Since 2016

Edcon Stores

1,183 locations
Since 2010

Unitrans Automotive

129 locations
Since 2015

Growthpoint Properties

487 locations
Since 2014

Capitec Bank

836 branches 
Since 2007

Clicks Pharmacies

621 locations
Since 2014

Woolworths South Africa

469 locations
Since 2013